Nicholas Hayward SafeWave Give Away

With rising physical and mental health concerns across the nation, SafeWave can make sure you are prepared and equipped with the most reliable resources. The Sonar Company invites schools across Texas to apply for the Nicholas Hayward SafeWave give away for a chance to win our alert system for free. The Sonar Company is also accepting nominations for schools to enter from parents, teachers or anyone with a loved one who is attending a Texas K12 school. 

The Sonar Company would not be where it is today without Nicholas Hayward. With this contest we are thanking him and honoring his dream. 

Nicholas Hayward was the Co-Founder and CEO of the Sonar Company. He had a vision for his company that was driven by passion and determination. Nick’s level of determination was possessed by few, and admired by many. Nick worked more, and slept less than the average professional, but somehow still managed to be there not only for his friends and family, but for his community as well. Nick was a strong believer in giving back and always envisioned creating an avenue through his company. He planned to give the alert system, SafeWave, to less privileged schools, with limited budgets, even before he had the chance to make a profit.

Today, after a month and a half since his passing, The Sonar Company is proud to announce the Nicholas Hayward SafeWave giveaway in his honor. We know Nick would support this decision and proudly have his name attached to it. 

SafeWave decreases emergency response time, less than 10 seconds, giving school officials the power to react faster and save more lives. With the use of ultrasonic sound wave technology, SafeWave transmits data-over-audio without relying on the internet or Wifi. SafeWave uses the school’s existing speakers and an easy to use back office that does not require any hardware installation. With the push of a button an in audible tone is sent from the speaker, and picked up by designated cell phones. The cell phone decodes the alert that is embedded within the tone and the corresponding school protocol appears on the screen within seconds. For schools without a speaker system, SafeWave has a proprietary alternative system that still does not require an internet connection, and works just as fast. SafeWave provides the fastest, most reliable alert system regardless of available technology.

Below, you will find the application and nomination forms along with the rules and guidelines for the contest. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please email [email protected].

Click here for the Application:NHG Application

Click here for the Nomination Form:NHG Nomination Form

Click here for Rules and Regulations: Nick Hayward Contest Rules

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