The Positive Impact COVID-19 May Have on Sports

After a year of uncertainty, change, and for most of us, boredom, the world is starting to return to normal. With the introduction of vaccines and other measures to fight the spread of  COVID-19, sports fans are slowly returning to stadiums to watch their favorite teams in person. While some people are eager to get back to the action, others are still hesitant to be surrounded by large crowds. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, there are a number of actions organizations are taking to fill up stadiums, keep you safe, and innovate the way we experience sports.

According to theThe Sonar Company is also taking action to enhance the way fans experience sporting events in person and at home. With the use of ultrasonic sound waves, fans can instantly receive promotions and discounts, play fun trivia games, and get information about their favorite teams sent directly to their phone. The Sonar Company’s goal is to create a more interactive viewing experience for fans who enjoy watching games whether it is in the stands surrounded by thousands of fans or in the comfort of their homes. This innovative technology will enhance the way organizations deliver content and communicate with fans to create a more engaging and exciting experience. 

The past year has caused many challenges for people and businesses, but has also brought a wave of innovation in the tech world. As things begin to return to normal, we should expect to see advancements in technology that enhance the way we live, communicate and enjoy our favorite sporting events no matter where we are. 

 A stadium needs to reach its target market in the right place and at the right time. Sports Sonar can send a message instantaneously to any area of the stadium with a specified message, dramatically increasing the value of the advertising space.

 The time to utilize location-based advertising and marketing techniques is now. Proximity strategy is the act of marketing to consumers in the right place and at the right time. Sports Sonar utilizes this along with Geo-targeting and Geo-marketing to obtain the most accurate depiction of who is viewing advertisements. Geo-targeting and marketing use location data to target people in certain localities. Advertisers will typically expose their consumers to a promotion or ad near their point of sale so the consumer is more inclined to go inside to see the item on sale. Proximity strategy helps marketers better understand the needs of their customers. This form of marketing enables the personalization of ad promotions and specific results to be tracked, adding a competitive edge to mobile marketing. Current proximity marketing solutions rely on Bluetooth and QR codes to reach their targets and track results. The Sonar Company’s ultrasonic tone technology provides a more precise internet and WiFi free solution.

Sports Sonar allows the highest level of targeted proximity marketing possible. In a large arena with a sound system, any consumer can be reached with demographically specific messaging. That includes bathrooms, elevators, and even parking lots. 

According to Beaconstac, proximity marketing is 16 times more effective than Google Pay per click. This already successful marketing strategy combined with Sports Sonar’s precision and speed can be utilized by any advertiser and during any live event. 

The Sonar Company’s technology utilizes proximity strategy in homes with the product SonarCast. Similar to Sports Sonar the home speakers emit an ultrasonic tone inaudible to the human ear, and a cell phone receives the tone, decoding information and displaying content on the screen. This form of communication delivers content without the internet at high speed, while collecting user analytics on all participants.  

The phone will only pick up the tone if it is in the same room as the speaker. This allows marketers and advertisers to know exactly how many people are viewing their content.  

How Streaming is Changing the Furture of Sports

Work is done, the kids are sleeping. Your favorite live program is on and you’re in a comfy chair or on the couch with a good assortment of snacks and a beverage. Everything is right with the world… but, how are you engaging with the content? What are you doing while the show is playing?

How Streaming is Changing the Future of Sports

Comcast NBCUniversal Sports Tech Accelerator

With eager anticipation, The Sonar Company is proud to announce that we will be participating in the Comcast NBCUniversal SportsTech Accelerator Program this year! The entire team is overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude at being invited to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Today marks the beginning of the 12-week program powered by Boomtown Accelerators. Our participating team members, (Interim CEO Roy Terracina, Cofounder, and CIO Allan Matarrita- Chinchilla, Executive Manager Emma Gaona, and VP of Sales Michele Klumb) are ready to learn, work hard, and impress some of the industries best. 

The Sonar Company applied for the program in the summer along with 1000+ other startups. After multiple pitches and rounds of interviews, The Sonar Company was 1 of 10 chosen to participate and be mentored by the NBCUniversal SportsTech team.

The Sonar Company, along with the other startups from around the world, will bring their innovative solutions to Comcast NBCUniversal and the SportsTech partner consortium which include NBC Sports, Sky Sports, Golf, NASCAR, U.S. Ski and Snowboard, USA Cycling, USA Swimming, and Comcast Ventures.

The virtual program will feature workshops on fundraising, sales, marketing and branding, product/market fit, mental health, company culture, and working with corporations, and will meet seasoned startup founders who will share their insights on building and selling highly successful businesses. 

At the completion of the program, The Sonar Company will participate in a virtual Demo Day on May 26, 2021, and present our technology before some of the world’s leading venture capitalists, startup founders, business executives, and media.

Check out the official Comcast NBC universal Sports Tech blog here:

The Power of Resilience

If there’s anything the past 10 months have taught people, as a society, it’s resilience. Resilience is necessary not only to grow but stay afloat in 2020. The unimaginable happened when a Global Pandemic struck, leaving the whole world in fear, panic, and confusion. After Texas shut down, in mid-March, thousands of people were left without income. Unemployment rates skyrocketed. When Texans would return to work was unclear and unsettling. 

With the social distancing order in place and a limit to 10 people in a crowd, family and friends were unable to comfort each other in a most desperate time of need. The orders and regulations left some feeling isolated and at times hopeless. Families and friends turned to technology to stay connected, and the era of Zoom meetings, dinners and happy hours began.

It is important to acknowledge mental health and develop appropriate coping mechanisms. Take moments to process what is going on in the world and how it is affecting individuals. Remember there are thousands upon thousands also feeling isolated, worried, and frustrated. Then be resilient, be creative, push as hard as you can in order to recover, and survive. The powerful message of resilience has allowed Americans to take back the things they can control when it seems like it had been taken away.

How The Sonar Company shows resilience: 

Being a start-up has its own challenges to begin with. A global pandemic that has affected almost every industry added to the list of challenges that needed to be overcome. One of The Sonar Company’s main goals is to implement its technology in schools. A day before the Safe Wave app was ready to launch, schools across Texas and the United States closed. The Sonar Company processed the dilemma, brainstormed, and pivoted. The team developed a way we could reach people at home by transforming the idea of Sports Sonar, our original product, and created SonarCast. SonarCast significantly increased the potential for success. SonarCast connects broadcasted programs, radio or television, directly with the viewing audience without the need for the internet. With our country quarantined to their homes, audience engagement and interaction provides a much-needed feeling of involvement with the ‘outside’ world.


The pandemic was not the only barrier, nor was it the most difficult, The Sonar Company had to overcome. The sudden passing of the co-founder and CEO was not only concerning for the future of the company but heartbreaking for the team he worked so closely with. Recovering from the tragedy took a combination of emotional and professional strength. As the company continues to pivot and create new opportunities for itself, resilience is its strongest ally.

Resilience has taken many different forms. Communities and individuals are recovering physically, mentally, and emotionally from unimaginable circumstances. Tremendous loss and grief are continuing to be felt across the country. From losing loved ones to losing a source of income, the year has grown increasingly worse for many Americans.

This year has presented struggles to the entire country. Although physically it has kept people apart, it has brought people together in the most unexpected ways. 

There are plenty of resources currently available for those who feel like they need help. Many people are struggling this year, and it’s being recognized and addressed by major institutions and organizations. Harvard University was one of many to release guidelines to help families and those still working build resilience during COVID-19.

As we look forward to the end of quarantine we will have more confidence in our abilities to overcome even the most unexpected of challenges. We realize that we are taking part in a historical time that will be researched for years to come. We are teaching future Americans that we can unite as a nation, community, and family and overcome with a resilient mindset and heart.

Women In Tech

The Sonar Company presents Women in Tech! Six amazing women in technology share their journeys, and roads to success in a male dominated industry. Women play a vital role in the on going innovation of the tech world. Join us as we celebrate their hard work and encourage women everywhere to consider diving in to the world of technology!

A Game With No Fans