July 20, 2020

San Antonio, TX

In disbelief and sadness, The Sonar Company, has lost their beloved CEO, Nicholas Hayward, in a tragic accident July 17, 2020, while vacationing in Key West. The Sonar Company team mourns this loss. On behalf of our Board of Directors, management team, and employees, we extend our deepest sympathies to Nick’s family and friends. Hayward was 37 years old with a passion for life, love of learning and a genuine giving heart. His excitement and faith in The Sonar Company radiated out of him with every breath. Nick made San Antonio his home and found a family within it.

The board has named Roy Terracina as the interim CEO. Terracina brings a wealth of career expertise spanning from banking, investment banking, and management consulting to successful ownership of Sterling Foods. Terracina has served as a board member of Norwood Promotional Products, Mesirow Private Equity, Milestone Equity Partners, Access Venture Partners, Chase Bank, Mesirow Financial, Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Italian Food, and the Harvey E. Najim Family Foundation. Terracina owns Sunshine Ventures and currently serves on The Sonar Company’s board.

Hayward’s mentor, confidant, and board member, Larry Mills, stated, “Nick inspired me to be a better man by passionately focusing on the future – not the past. In all that he did, he wanted all boats to rise so everyone benefited. His loving heart was engaging and his hopeful vision for a better future was inspiring to everyone. He gave people the precious gifts that can’t be bought: love, respect, dignity, hope, and passion.”

“Words cannot express the sadness we feel as a company and community. Nick was so loved and touched many lives. His passion for his company was only paralleled by his passion for helping others. In the rare moments Nick was not working, he devoted his time to assisting other entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas. He loved and was a proud member of, the startup community. The entire Sonar Company team feels so fortunate for the time we had with him. We hope to make him proud by seeing his dreams through,” expressed his Executive Manager Emma Gaona. “Nick was my mentor and champion, always assuring me of my abilities and future success with nothing but confidence. I, and The Sonar Company team, had the rare fortune of working with a leader that affirmed our efforts and accomplishments frequently and loudly. I will miss my good friend dearly.”

“Nick was not just our CEO, he was our friend. To honor his memory and his mission, we are moving forward, laser focused to successfully complete Nick’s vision for the company along with his plans to give back,” added VP Michele Klumb.

Co-Founder and CIO Allan Matarrita-Chinchilla’s heart-felt words leave no doubt of continued success spring boarding from Hayward’s legacy.

“Nick was like a brother. We took care of each other, and together we created this great vision of what we wanted for The Sonar Company. Now we must continue without him, but we will honor his work and legacy with hard work. That was his way, and it will remain forever in our company’s DNA.”


About The Sonar Company

Hayward, along with Co-founder/CIO Allan Matarrita-Chinchilla, first founded Sports Sonar in 2018. The duo moved to San Antonio in September 2018 through the Global Accelerator Program for startups. Since the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the founders and team pivoted in true innovative entrepreneurial spirit expanding their product line to include sports, education, and nonprofit sectors transitioning into The Sonar Company.

The mission of The Sonar Company is to use its unique technology to create various products allowing the quickest transmission of information for marketing, general business, or alert systems. The Sonar Company’s products increase revenues and empower the right people to react faster.